Spring - a powerful time for creation...

 March 20th, Spring Equinox: marked the beginning of the shift in this coming season, Spring …. a powerful time of year - a time for creation.

Here are some rituals you can explore around honouring the transitions and celebrating new beginnings:

  • Create a spring altar: a personal altar can be a wonderful way to honour your spiritual and self care practices. It can be created in a small area that will be left undisturbed and adorned with intentional elements and items of importance to you.

Some ideas for your altar:

      • Invite the elements in: (fire) burn a candle or incense, (earth)  gemstones, wood (see below for a couple of recommendations) fresh flowers (especially great for Spring - symbolizing new growth), (water), a small dish with water or diffuser - perhaps enhanced with essential oils - we love bergamot or wild orange!  (air) - play music or use a singing bowl to honour the element required to create sound.
      • Display an card from an affirmation/oracle/tarot deck for some inspiration - see one of our favourites, here! 
      • Use gemstones and their properties to remind you of your intentions. A couple of options for your spring altar: rose quartz a stone of beauty, it connects to the beauty of new life all around us, citrine: its sunny yellow colour echoes the cheerful spirit of spring, a stone of joy, manifestation and abundance. 
  • Get outside: Take a walk. Take the time to notice and appreciate the signs of spring: listen for the sounds of birds chirping, the movements of water, look for new growth budding in the trees, grass and gardens, smell the freshness and dampness that is required for new growth, feel the warmer air as it touches the surface of your body.
  • Declare your Intentions: to yourself, others and the Universe...  create a vision board, write your desires down in a journal, set a mantra or an affirmation and practice inviting that energy in with the support of mala beads, share your desires with others. As we express and speak our intentions we call them closer to existence - where your attention goes, energy flows!

We would love to here your sacred practices, share in the comments below!

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