discover the meaning behind our most often used elements...

  Agar (Eagle) Wood 

unlocks the subconscious | balances the mind | used for spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and grounding removes negative energies | brings deep tranquility and relaxation | chakras: upper

 Abalone Shell

enhances feelings of peace, compassion + love | helps open intuitive connections | promotes emotional harmony + balance | helpful for those going through emotional turmoil 

  African Turquoise

encourages growth, self development + positive change | awakens the soul to is higher purpose | a stone of evolution + transformation
  Agate grounding + protective | facilitates self-confidence | improves concentration and strengthens memory | encourages speaking ones truth | stimulates digestive process | cleanses lymphatic system | heals skin disorders | chakra: solar plexus, throat | zodiac: Gemini
  Amazonite inspires truth | sincerity | honour | self-love | communication | soothes emotional trauma | offers clarity | assists in manifesting universal love | protects against electromagnetic pollution
absorbs negative energy | promotes self confidence | encourages decision making + manifestation | good for abundance, healing, vitality + joy
  Amethyst activates spiritual awareness and intuition | enhances memory | can assist in overcoming addictions | powerful amulet for travel - protects against thieves, sickness, danger | relieves insomnia | reduce pain of headaches and migraines | zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio | chakras: third eye; crown
  Angel Skin Coral quiets emotions | facilitates intuition + imagination + visualization | supports pregnancy + birth | attracts success | travel protection while on water | dispels fear
  Apatite a stone of manifestation | stimulates the development of psychic gifts | aids in communication and self-expression | increases motivation | enhances creativity | expands knowledge and truth | eases sorrow, apathy and anger | aids in absorption of calcium | improves arthritis and joint problems | encourages healthy eating | chakras: throat and solar plexus
  Aqua Terra Jasper means: water earth | helps one find inner peace | love and compassion | alignment of physical and Light bodies | considered a highly protective stone | supports emotional healing | zodiac sign: Aquarius | chakras: all

offers stability + grounding | centring | useful in times of stress | helps to prepare for meditation | aids with concentration | teaches acceptance + patience 

  Aura Quartz clear quartz bonded with platinum | cleanses, balances, clears the aura + all chakras | represents joy | signifies hope + optimism | a stone of romance + love
  Aventurine thought to be the luckiest of all crystals | a stone of prosperity | reinforces leadership qualities | enhances creativity | promotes compassion and empathy | encourages perseverance | promotes feelings of well-being | stimulates the metabolism | lowers cholesterol | acts as an anti-inflammatory | chakra: heart
  Azeztulite provider of guidance + direction | expands consciousness | develops vibrational energies | removes energy blockages | strengthens psychic abilities | offers a protective spiralling energy
  Bayong Wood grounding | fosters balance + stability | symbolizes development, evolution, adaptation + spiritual growth
 Black Amber
highly protective |  offers a sense of safety and security | connects the energies of Heaven + Earth | repairs leaks in aura | protects against psychic attacks | chakra: root 
  Black Moonstone
new beginnings | facilitates empowerment | associated with new moon energy | enhances mental agility | helps to release stress | 
 Black Obsidian
Offers protection + support through times of change | increases self control | forces facing up to one’s true self | eliminates negative energies within the self and one’s environment 
 Black Tourmaline
protection talisman | deflects negative energy | grounding | promotes confidence | shields against environmental pollutants | helps alleviate motion sickness | aids in detoxification 
  Black Quartz 
protective + grounding | helps one reach personal + business goals | brings good luck
  Blue Lace Agate

a stone of communication | provides clarity of thought | inspires loyalty and trustworthiness | promotes inner stability | helps new mothers with “baby blues” | releases shoulder and neck problems | chakra: throat

  Caribbean Calcite
develops inner vision | stimulates inspiration + the flow of ideas | calms emotions | aids with sleep | guides you in the direction of your higher self
  Carnelian restores motivation | stimulates creativity | removes fear of death| gives courage | replaces emotional negativity with a love of life |stimulates metabolism | increases fertility | chakra: root
  Citrine attracts wealth and success | imparts joy and enthusiasm | promotes motivation | activates creativity and encourages self expression | stimulates digestion | detoxifies blood | zodiac sign: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra |chakras: sacral, solar plexus, crown 
  Clear Quartz master healer | amplifies energy, thought and effects of other crystals | absorbs, releases and regulates energy enhances psychic abilities | aids in concentration | unlocks memory | harmonizes all chakras
  Coral quiets emotions and brings peace facilitates intuition | imagination and visualization | strengthens circulatory system and bones chakra: root
  Crazy Lace Agate known as the laughter and happiness stone | promotes liveliness and fun | offers support and encouragement | promotes optimism | harmonizes yin and yang energies | chakra: third eye and crown
  Druzy Quartz represents light + joy | brings harmony to groups | encourages clarity | offers positive energy | stabilizes aura | balances all chakras
  Ebony Wood  offers the power to change | positive luck | balances energy | breaks down social barriers
  Flower Agate

 a stone of new beginnings | supports during periods of self growth + evolution | helps reach highest potential | protects us from fear + self doubt | aids in manifestation | encourages to pursue dreams | restores emotional balance

  Fluorite encourages positivity | increases confidence + concentration | promotes freedom of choice | stabilizes aura | helps in facilitating life changes | alleviates arthritis pain | zodiac sign: Capricorn, Pisces | chakras: heart, throat, third eye
  Fresh Water Pearl  promotes sincerity, truth and loyalty | enhances personal integrity | focuses attention | symbolic of purity | offers a sense of ebb and flow | can help with headaches, allergies, colds | aid in infertility and pain of childbirth | chakra: solar plexus and sacral
  Fuchsite referred to the “stone of health” | can bring friendliness, compassion, and lighthearted | said to speed deep emotional and physical healing  | links the intellect of the mind with the heart | decreases insomnia | improves self worth | zodiac sign: Aquarius | chakras: heart

holds and releases light | represents and carries the energies of transformation | merging of elements, rebirth | focus and communication

  Gold charged with sun energy | attracts prosperity | helps digestion and arthritis | helps allow happiness flow into ones life | boosts vitality
  Hematite grounding & protecting | balances mind/body/spirit connection | boosts self esteem and confidence | improves personal relationships | increases intuition | stimulates concentration and focus | assists ailments related to blood circulation | can relieve pain from arthritis | zodiac: Aries, Aquarius | chakra: root
  Honey Jade
promotes optimism | encourages one to harness their personal power | offers confidence + courage | attracts abundance | brings joy, happiness + a sense of interconnectedness | offers protection + promotes long life
  Howlite keyword: calming | spiritually, a stone of awareness | aids in meditation | can be used to relieve anxiety | helps with insomnia | encourages calm communication and patience | strengthens memory | balances calcium; aids in teeth, bones and soft tissue | chakra: third eye, crown
enhance psychic gifts | strengthen ability to manifest intentions| helps to calm an overactive mind | calming + grounding
 Impression Jasper
offers a nurturing energy | brings contentment | calming + connecting
  Jade attracts good luck, friendship, prosperity and long life | increases love and nurturing | brings harmony to relationships | promotes courage and wisdom | assists in fertility and childbirth | chakra: heart
  Jasper known as the 'supreme nurturer' | alleviates stress + induces tranquility | balances energies | encourages honesty with one's self | offers courage
 Kambaba Jasper
an environmentalist stone - reminds us to live in harmony with Mother Earth | helps one move beyond limited thinking | promotes strength + courage | invites inspiration, optimism + personal growth
  Kyanite aligns all chakras | calming | tranquility | encourages psychic abilities | promotes self-expression
  Labradorite  useful through change | a transformation stone | imparts strength and perseverance | raises consciousness | grounds spiritual energies | strengthens intuition | promotes trust in the Universe | stimulates imagination | relieves anxiety and stress | regulates metabolism | balances hormones | alleviates menstrual tension | helps with sleeping disorders | chakras: sacral, third eye and crown
  Lapis Lazuli supports qualities of honesty, compassion | releases stress | brings peace and serenity
represents peace, clarity, healing + love | personal freedom | opens creative channels | facilitates inner wisdom + manifestation | chakra: third eye + crown
  Lava Rock provides stability in times of change | provides guidance and understanding | grounding | offers strength and courage | promotes positive changes | encourages the flow of creativity | chakra: solar plexus
  Lemon Chrysoprase  promotes happiness + self growth | brings prosperity + business success | supports new beginnings | encourages acceptance + kindness | helps overcome fear | instills wisdom + self-confidence | provides motivation + inspiration
  Magnesite brings deep peace to mediation and relaxation |  enhances visualization. | stimulates self-love |  aids in listening attentively to others |  detoxifies and neutralizes body odor | treats menstrual cramps | relieves headaches/migraines | speeds up fat metabolism | lessens fevers and chills | chakras: heart, third eye and crown
  Mangano Calcite

a stone of compassion | encourages self worth | promotes peace + forgiveness | helps with sleep | known as the reiki stone | boosts self esteem and confidence | invites feeling of wholeness

 Mookaite Jasper 
nurturing | offers a sense of peace + feelings of wholeness | aids in accepting change | encourages emotional growth | creates energy + new ideas  promotes kindness 
  Moonstone new beginnings | offers protection for travellers | provides calmness + emotional stability | enhances intuition + inspiration | supports in fertility, easy childbirth + mothering | promotes success in business + love | balances hormone cycles
  Moss Agate new beginnings | represents stability + persistence | encourages trust + hope | attracts abundance in wealth | improves self esteem | aids in self expression + communication | useful in birthing | promotes rest + restoration
  Ocean Jasper

reminds us we are safe + protected | instills happiness | releases negative emotions + thought patterns

  Olive Wood symbolic of abundance | wisdom | pureness | peace | brings about balance | offers insight and inspiration
  Onyx keyword: grounding | promotes inner strength and endurance | soothes anxiety | helps with positive focus | aids in “letting go” | stimulates wise decision making | imparts self-confidence | helpful for entrepreneurs | zodiac: Gemini, Leo | chakra: root
  Opalite ideal for meditation | improves communication, especially spiritual | assists during transitions | aids in business success | stabilizes mood swings | helps overcome fatigue | purifies blood and kidneys |chakra: third eye
  Peach Selenite
a stone of transformation | heals old emotional wounds | encourages forgiveness + acceptance | increases self awareness
  Peacock Ore happiness | joy | cleanses | balances + aligns all chakras | grounds excess nervous energy | increases self-esteem
  Pine Wood spiritual properties include: inner peace | tranquility | rising above difficulties | determination | strength | refreshing mind, body and spirit | purification, cleansing of sacred space and ritual objects | crystal cleansing | protection | supports fertility, birthing | manifestation
 Pink Zebra Jasper 
offers a nurturing energy | brings contentment | calming + connecting
  Polychrome Jasper

clears blockages | creates space for transformation | a stone of stability + balance | facilitates a sense of wholeness

  Prehnite keywords: truth | calmness | a stone of unconditional love | enhances inner knowing | enables you to be prepared | helpful for "decluttering" and letting go | helps to heal kidneys, bladder, shoulders, chest and lungs
 Purple Jade
enhances dreams + visions | unlocks + clears chakras |  | encourages feelings of love | stimulates feelings of mutual connection | promotes practicality + resourcefulness | attracts energies of abundance | assists in turning ambitions into reality | supports in becoming openminde and non-judgemental
  Pyrite earth element | provides intellect + enhances memory | encourages emotional well being | action + vitality | stimulates the flow of ideas | ideal for students | encourages leadership in the workplace
 Que Sera

uplifting | urges one to become a co-creator of one’s future | inspires taking risks | teaches there are no mistakes, only learning experiences | empowers one to say “no”

  Rhodonite compassion | balances emotion | encourages forgiveness and gratefulness | promotes self confidence | stimulates fertility | eases inflammation of joints and arthritis | chakra: heart
  Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love | restores harmony and trust in relationships | promotes self-love and friendship | calms and reassures | helps in times of grief | encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance | balances thee physical heart and circulatory system | reduces blood pressure | heals chest, lung, kidney and adrenal problems | alleviates vertigo. increases fertility | protects mother and unborn child from miscarriage | chakra: heart
  Rose Wood supportive in spiritual healing | offers compassion and love
  Rudraksha Seed known as the “tears of Shiva” | increases ability to concentrate | gives clarity and peace of mind | improves memory | relieves stress and anxiety | said to increase stamina | balances the nervous system | increases abundance | believed to slow the aging process
  Sandalwood  promotes tranquility and positive state of mind | promotes spiritual awareness | aids in opening the third eye | improves self identity and trust | promotes energy and enthusiasm | an anti-depressant, antiseptic, insecticidal | used to assist the immune system in any healing process or to prevent illness
dispels negative energy + offers protection
excellent for aura and space clearing + charging other crystals | encourages clarity, truth and honesty | enhances meditation practice | enables strong decision making
knows as an 'angel stone' | spiritual enlightenment | helpful in emotional healing | cleanses aura | encourages a deeper appreciation | chakra: heart
  Serpentine Jasper stimulates arousal of kundalini energies, clears blocked energy, creates enlightenment, aids in the aim of healing the earth
  Shungite known as the 'stone of life' | powerful protective stone | assists in evolving spiritually | shields from harmful EMFs | grounds energies to the earth | raises vibration
  Silver offers a soothing and calming energy | invokes intuition, dreams, love | attracts prosperity 
  Smoky Quartz protective and grounding | brings prosperity and good luck | fosters cooperation in groups | offers courage and inner strength | helps uncover subconscious wisdom | helps with relieving grief | removes toxins from the body | balances ones general health | chakra: root
  Snowflake Obsidian  grounding + protective | calming + soothing | helps with keeping focused | provides balance during periods of change | reminds of value of mistakes as well as successes
  Sodalite brings order + calmness | encourages truth + intuition | enhances self-expression | enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance + self trust
  Strawberry Quartz  universal love | seizing the day | soothing + calming | amplifies intentions of love + generosity + gratitude | encourages joyfully living in the moment | helps mother and child bond | promotes inner strength
  Sunstone promotes happiness, optimism and enthusiasm | offers confidence and feelings of self-worth | linked to good luck | alleviates stress | increases vitality | encourages independence and leadership | chakra: all
  Swarovski Crystal  carries energies of transformation and rebirth | encourages focus | aids in communication | deflects negative energy | can bring relief from arthritis or joint pain | ease symptoms of emotional illness
  Teak Wood stimulates growth | offers protection | enhances ones charisma + credibility | generates wealth | connection with nature | evokes a feeling of ease
  Tangerine Aura aids visualization and insight | promotes drive and enthusiasm | stimulates creativity | recharging and invigorating | imparts physical and psychological strength | supports and oxygenates the blood, liver, and spleen | chakras: unites base, sacral and solar plexus
  Tigers Eye aids in recognizing ones talents and abilities | supports addictive personality in making changes | balances yin and yang | alleviates depression and lifts moods
  Turquoise purification | dispels negative energies | protects against pollutants | aligns + balances chakras | promotes inner calmness | brings wisdom + understanding
 Watermelon Tourmaline
invites in compassion | awakens + attracts love | cleanses heart chakra blocks | removes insecurities | known as the gateway to the inner self | enhances communication with earth and nature spirits | makes room for positive thinking 
  White Fossil assists with business endeavours | grounding | aids in stability + physical stamina | talisman for protection + long life | encourages embracing change with a sense of security
  Zebra Calcite
offers grounding + stability + strength | promotes good decision making | assists in releasing fear |  fosters a sense of acceptance
  Arrow direction | forward motion | travel
  Bell awareness | joy
  Bone keywords: strength and vitality | earth element | prompts the recollection of the Buddha’s teachings about the impermanence of the world | aids in blood circulation
  Brass brings out natural good and inner truth | boosts immune system | gives courage | attracts health and wealth | skin rejuvenation and hair growth | chakras: all
  Buddha symbolizes compassion | love | enlightenment 
  Butterfly a symbol of grace | growth | expansion | surrender | transition
  Dragonfly symbolic of prosperity | strength | joy | harmony
  Eternal Knot eternal love and friendship | wisdom | compassion
  Feather courage | freedom | leadership
  Ganesha remover of obstacles | bringer of success | represents spiritual awakening, internal balance and wisdom
  Hamsa Hand protection | good fortune | happiness | luck | health
  Heart love
  Key release | new beginnings | mystery 
  Lotus Flower new beginnings | transformation | infinite potential
  Mandala symbolizes the universe | represents harmony, unity, oneness
heals your being and helps you have a deeper contact with your higher self. It increases your energy and enables a stronger connection with life
  Mermaid symbolic of beauty | love | mystery | independence
  Moon cycles | wonder | renewal | intuition | illumination | femininity 
  Om union of mind, body and spirit | the sound that created the universe
  Owl wisdom | protection | mystery | transition | intelligence | messages
  Skull reminder to live life to its fullest | represents the impermanent nature of all things
  Tree of Life symbolic of: foundation + strength | inspiration | healing + nourishment | wisdom | connection
  Wing  provides guidance | represents spirituality, freedom, clarity | assists in rising above challenges
  Wishbone represents desires | intention