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We are excited and blessed to share with you our new Purple Lotus lightcode logo!  We have been guided to symbolically explore and physically anchor the vibrations desired for our Purple Lotus tribe which led to the creation of our sacred lightcode.


What is a lightcode?

A lightcode is a custom code of light frequencies channeled and anchored in physical form allowing for energetic shifts.


About the Purple Lotus lightcode

Our lightcode is an embodiment of connection within our community and vibrates with the frequencies of:

joy . abundance . love . gratitude . truth . freedom


How to use/activate our lightcode

Our lightcode can be used in meditation, to energetically charge your malas and gemstones or placed in a sacred space to be visually enjoyed - simply having it in your environment is enough to create an energetic shift.

You can further amplify the experience with our light language mantra - 

Saa kiii ahhhh liiii siiiiiii swaaa siiiiii, saa kiii swiiii siii haaa sa hiiiii

*can be sung/repeated to build a connection to our light codes frequencies*


Want to get a better understanding of lightcodes and how they can elevate your practice?  Contact us - we're happy to share. 

Have you had experience with lightcodes before?  We would love to hear from you - leave us a comment below! 





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