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Recently my Husband and I chose to disconnect cable. I wondered how I would react to not having the 'background noise' as company. As days passed though, I noticed that I didn't miss it as much as I thought I might.
Instead of waking up and switching on the TV to a program like 'Angel' or 'Charmed' I...
  • Read a chapter of my book in bed - The Girl Who Played With Fire. (It's awesome).
  • Practiced morning meditation - today I picked a guided meditation on financial abundance. (Me likey some money!).
  • Checked Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and surfed online for a bit.
  • Went for a walk with Bentley (my dog) along the beautiful Bermuda railway trails.
  • Ate breakfast in silence - yummy cinnamon and raisin toast (Toast is my specialty).
  • Listened to music and sang <out loud> a little  (as Bentley gave me quizzical looks).
  • Watched 3 minute TEDTalk on Trying something new for 30 days. Brainstormed on what I was going to do for my first 30 day challenge. (Stay tuned).
  • Baked three batches of gluten/grain-free cookies to sell for Breast Cancer fundraising efforts. ($140 raised from "Boobie Bake Sale" to date).
  • Completed a 40 minute personal yoga practice.
  • Had lunch with friend.
  • Created 2 new pieces of jewelry.
  • Wrote a blog post.

    Who knew there were so many fun things to do instead of numbing out in front of the tube!



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