Meet Bentley. Handsome, isn't he? <A Hungarian Vizsla, if you were wondering> Recently I have begun to "take note" and become more consciously aware ofthe many lessons that can be learned when looking at things from his point of view. This short story is just one example... The other day we set out for a walk - off to the beautiful railway trails in Bermuda. On the way, we practice heeling. Bentley does a very good job. <I think in large part due to the stinky salmon flavoured treats I reward him with> We are almost there and I realize, uh oh - I forgot the tennis ball for playing fetch. You see, it's usually Bentley's "Dad" that takes him for the railway trail walks and I have only recently taken over the job. We get there and I unhook Bentley's leash. He starts to run ahead. As he looks back over his shoulder, I see the expectant expression in his face - waiting for me to throw the ball. "Sorry buddy," I say, "I forgot your ball!" In response, Bentley cocks his head to the side. Great, he's disappointed, I think to myself. We continue to walk and not even five seconds later, Bentley suddenly pounces and then shakes his head vigorously with something in his mouth. He turns around and gallops toward me... carrying a large stick. He drops it near my feet and in return I pick it up and throw it <ok, ok... so I awkwardly throw it>. Bentley retrieves it, bounces around playfully and brings it back. We carry on like this for a little while - it seems that even though I forgot the ball, we are still playing fetch. I smile at my four-legged friend in gratitude for the lesson I have just learned... Accept and Adapt. When there are no tennis balls, pick up a stick!  Purple Lotus, Love* ~KJS~


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    A very nice blog post. Couldn’t help but fall in love with Bentley immediately. His owners are very lucky to have such an intelligent friend.

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