• Higher Realm

Higher Realm



  epidote: dissolves sadness + sorrow | offers a sense of optimism | stabilizes the energy flow in the body | raises vibrational energy | excellent stone for attunement with nature | bestows patience

quantum quattro (focal): a stone of communication, healing + protection | releases emotional stress | helps to align with your inner visions and truths | promotes a healthy flow of energy | assists turning dreams into reality | elevates mood

apatite: a stone of manifestation | stimulates the development of psychic gifts | aids in communication and self-expression | increases motivation | enhances creativity | expands knowledge and truth | eases sorrow, apathy and anger

hematite: grounding & protecting | balances mind/body/spirit connection | boosts self esteem and confidence | improves personal relationships | increases intuition | stimulates concentration and focus

size: 7 inches
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