• Orgonite Mala (A)
  • Orgonite Mala (A)
  • Orgonite Mala (A)

Orgonite Mala (A)


polychrome jasper: clears blockages | creates space for transformation | a stone of stability + balance | facilitates a sense of wholeness

orgonite (pendant): acts as an energetic filter: neutralizes harmful effects of electromagnetic frequency disturbances from WiFi, T.V, computers, phones, radio towers | balances + cleanses aura chakras | promotes better sleep, decreases stress, and purifies electromagnetic stress from our bodies, water & foods

moonstone: new beginnings | offers protection for travellers | provides calmness emotional stability | enhances intuition + inspiration
hematite: grounding & protecting | balances mind/body/spirit connection | boosts self esteem and confidence | improves personal relationships | increases intuition | stimulates concentration and focus